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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Family Ski Tips

Traveling with children is "historic," to say the least. Invites families to the slopes can be a tremendous challenge, but also worth the time and effort invested.

They say that playing with the family stay together. What sport is better than skiing, for life, multi-generation, outdoor, really "cool" activity. Why, the possibility of bonding is as limited as the aim is to explore.

In, our experts have the experience of raising a young skier through the ranks. We cover everything from skiing to find child care and the quality of learning to ski camps, for a list of what to pack for your family ski vacation and choose the best resort for a winter vacation.

We have been touring ski resorts from Vermont to New Hampshire and Maine, and we have traveled to the west and ski the Rocky Mountains, including Colorado, Utah, California, Montana, Oregon and many more. North of the border, we have found some of Canada's best resorts.

Read on to find tips, stories, and even a checklist to help you make the best of your time on the slopes with your wee skiers. The "know before you go" philosophy definitely applies in teaching your kids to ski. With proper preparation, your children will learn to love the winter snow sports as well as you do.


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I'll follow your advice when planning a family ski one day...

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