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Friday, December 11, 2009

Obergurgl Ski Guide: Austrian Ski Resort

Obergurgl is based on the traditional old village, located in remote places, the dead end of a long road until past Sölden.

This is the highest parish in Austria and usually under a blanket of snow from November to May At the northern entrance to the resort is a group of hotels near Festkogl gondolas.
The road then passes through another group hotel set on a small hill to the east, around the ice rink (beware the steep, sometimes dangerous work here).
Exactly the village begins with an interesting small square with a church, fountain, and the village hotel focus (Edelweiss und Gurgl) in the Rosskar chairlift and gondola station Gaisberg. There is underground parking in the center.
Hochgurgl, mid-mountain gondola ride away, a little more than a few hotels at the foot of the slope itself. Ski-in/ski-out resort seemed to be comfortable, but not: from almost all the hotels you have to negotiate the road and / or stairs to get to or from the snow.
This is a short bus trip to Sölden (per hour buses, covered by the elevator pass), and long car trips to Kühtai (high areas near Innsbruck). Much closer is the basis for launching a small tour of the vent.

• separate Glacier, one of the Alps' most snow-sure resort - especially good for the end of the holiday season
• Excellent area for beginners, intermediates and families shy
• Especially queue and crowd-free
• traditional style village with comfortable hotels and little traffic
• Jolly tea après-ski

• Limited areas of the slopes, without difficult and there is no terrain park pistes
• Exposed settings, with very little sheltered slopes for bad weather
• Few off-slope except relax rooms in hotels
• The village is essentially one long road
• For a small Austrian resort, hotel a little expensive

Obergurgl is not through traffic a few days and visitors. Village center mainly traffic-free, and entirely so at night.
The atmosphere is a village in the afternoon, gay soon after the slopes close, but rather quiet at night and then, there was entertainment night, but most people stay in their hotel.

Elevators at both ends
Obergurgl is a small place and there are elevators at both ends. Nowhere is the long journey from the ride.

High and gloomy
Obergurgl altitude and position means about the bleak slopes. But it also means a good panoramic view from the elevator.

Obergurgl has a high slope and arguably the most snow-sure non-glacial European resorts - even without snowmaking, the resort claims that cover all pistes.
Having a long season by the standards of Austria.

SCHOOL and Guidelines
Positive reports
We continue to receive positive reports from school and guide Obergurgl, with speaking good English, a maximum of nine per group except at busy times and a good lesson and organizations.
Reporters seeking instructors 'friendly, supportive and professional', and the class 'very positive and enjoyable experience' with 'good' spoken English.
Demand for private instruction appears to be increasing and it is recommended to book ahead during the peak period.

Check out your accommodation
Ski class children start at four years and the children from the age of three can join Bobo's ski-kindergarten.
There lunch supervision for ski school and kindergarten children together.
Many hotels offer child care from one type or another (that Alpina has been highly recommended) and Ski Esprit is a family specialist chalet operator in the UK here.


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