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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Reasons to Ski

People ask me why I ski, why I will be out in the cold, spend the dough to the risk of serious injury to the snow? Soldier Mountain

Here are my top reasons to ski:

1. Winter is the longest season - especially in New England, Canada, and the Rocky Mountains. Definite cure for Cabin Fever is a day on the snowy slopes. Of course, then you get a powder risk of highly contagious flu.
2. Most people look better in a ski suit than a bathing suit. You can hide your sorry ass in Bogner - the same can not be said for boys bikini or trunks.

Sky3 large. Ski takes you to new heights - literally. Chairlifts convey a glimpse of our beautiful mountains - and no hiking!

4. Unlike mountain biking, hiking and swimming, very clean snow on contact - I am not a sports fan you dirty in the mud cake or mess your hair.

5. Skiing is a calorie burner incredible! Great physical activity, consuming up to 700 calories per hour - a jogger pounding the pavement in my book.
6. Skiing can be enjoyed with friends and family. You can not play football with my grandmother - what if you kick him in the shin by mistake? Basketball with my son is not fun - but skiing with mom and son I is multigenerational good time.

7. Skiing is a sport for life. Klaus Obermeyer, Warren Miller, Penny Pitou, Stein Erickson - all amazing skier who has been doing what they like best for more than six decades!

8. Skiing is a great sport to meet people, especially the opposite sex. Name of other activities that allow you to shout "Single" in the line and potentially find a match.

Heli-Ski9. Skiing does not have speed limits, only possibilities for unlimited travel and discovery of small volunteer run high alpine hills recreation with untouched powder fields and helicopters to access the first offspring.

10. You can not apr├Ęs ski until you have to ski ...


setiakasih said...

Hi Michele.. my dear.. where are you actually?

Love skiing huh.. I would love ski too...
in my dreams of course... hahha..

nice tips!

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poterpoenya said...

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samuel adinugraha said...

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celebes said...

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Lembaga Pelatihan said...

There are many dangerous risks in skiing as snow fell, freezing, falling ... I was afraid to ski ... and coincidence had never seen snow until now.

Thanks and Peace

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