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Monday, February 1, 2010

Much More Than a Sport

The week of ski school is not just a break in the snow sports. We may add to the proposal numerous recreational, environmental and culture in addition, each studied and planned by the Education Center.

 We pay attention to each of the activities to be performed, such as cultural visits, environmental or artistic which students seek and involve extraordinary experiences, both in sports and cultural. An exceptional learning scenario: sports, cultural and personal enrichment, autonomy and individual responsibility.

A great week to live with colleagues, learn or perfect for snow sports, the culture of the mountain and other communities, enjoying an enriching environment.

Proposed Destinations

Ski resorts like Navacerrada, Astún, Candanchu, Panticosa, Formigal, Granpallars, Boí Taüll, Baqueira Beret, and GrandValira. For younger ages than we have in our list of stations with characteristics better suited to the age of the students. We propose other places with improving technique and skill in snow sports.

Accommodation chosen
The selected hotels and apartments for accommodation have all the comforts and facilities for rest and recreation.

-Dinner at the hotel.
-Lunch on the slopes.

Optional, but their recruitment is mandatory in the case of not having private insurance that includes coverage of rescue runs. Covers illness, travel assistance and accident. He recommends pairing a photocopy of Health Card.

Optional. We have excellent conditions and rates. Our carrier has quality certificate in 2008 and has received the distinction of Best Transport Company of the year.

Activity objectives
-Develop basic knowledge and skills to function independently.
"Educating for the student to take responsibility for their own actions.
-Promote the development of behaviors for coexistence, cooperation and solidarity with others.
-Promoting a sense of health, personal care and safety in the practice of sports and leisure activities. "Respect, understand and enjoy nature and the environment.
-Learn, develop and practice (as levels), various forms of winter sports.

And remember
Every good skier is required to integrate seamlessly with the environment and behave impeccably with him. That's why we should respect and care.


teJan said...

wow! but is it not so hard to do??? heheh

have a nice time!

taris said...

waw, great... wish i can play like that

Lengyel Jolán /Joli/ said...

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Ngeposting ni yee said...

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gerns said...

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Ana Cristina said...

Very nice post. Thanks for sharing.
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Edwin's Personal Blog said...

This is a great know-how for us who live in tropical area. We have never had any idea about skiing for there has never been snow here. However we can imagine and 'get along' with the ski journey you wrote. So this is interesting to know..

gambutku said...

nice post.:D


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heru said...

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